Gold Flakes Burger

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Gold Flakes Burger

A restaurant in London has created the world’s most expensive burger which contains bits of gold leaf and caviar. Honky Tonk, an American diner-style restaurant, unveiled the $2,000 “Glamburger”, which was verified by Record Setter as a world record. Chef … Continue reading

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14 Trillion Dollar Deficit

At more than $14 trillion, America’s debt might seem abstract, a number so large it’s difficult to conceptualize. But if left unchecked, that swiftly swelling figure has the potential to affect our daily lives in a big way, primarily in … Continue reading

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The Middle East Is Lost As Gold, Silver, Oil Rocket Higher

Please Note : The following article is printed from an outside, cited, source. The views and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Pearlman’s Precious Metals, Arts & Antiquities.   The Middle East … Continue reading

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The Bullard Bulwark

Precious metals trading opened on a defensive note once again this morning, as currency markets saw the US dollar as well as the euro (at slightly different times) benefiting from hawkish jawboning coming from the official sector. Additional signs of … Continue reading

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Gold Climbs Amid Middle East Turbulence

Gold gained near a record in New York as unrest in Libya and the Middle East and concern about Europe’s debt crisis spurred demand for an alternative investment. The U.S.-led alliance is preparing to direct more attacks against Libyan leader … Continue reading

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